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The Best Show on WFMU

scharplingThe Best Show on WFMU is my favorite radio program.

If you haven’t heard it, check out their archive @  There’s a fervent following to the show, with good reason.  Most of the show is taken up by monologues from Scharpling, but about once an episode, Jon Wurster from the Mountain Goats calls in as one (or more) of his characters from the fictional town of New Bridge, NJ.  The results are about as funny as audio can be, going in directions that are unexpected and original.  Listen to an example of a Scharpling and Wurster call HERE.

The show can be daunting to newcomers, being 3 hours long once a week (for 10 years) but now’s as good a point to jump in as any other.  There’s even a new podcast with “Best Of’s” to listen to.

The best way to listen, however, is live on Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM.  You can call in, but make sure you have something to say.  Tom has a short attention span for idiocy.

Also be sure to check out the Friends of Tom community @

If you already listen, WFMU is having its yearly fundraiser, so pony-up @

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