The drawing club I’ve been very actively involved in has a tumblr, which features new drawings and sneakypeaks by moi. Also: Very talented Seattle Cartoonists. Also: Very, very NSFW!

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Woof Page 1

I’ve been busy. Very, very busy. Here’s a page from a dog comic I wrote for a dog compilation I’m doing with Portlanders Pat Keck and Karissa Sakumoto which will be on sale at Stumptown Comics Fest.


The Man for the Job

I’m doing a few shorter comics between EEE issues and a few other projects.


Here’s the drawing that was in Short Run, still up till December 12:

(click to view bigger, original dimensions were 10.5″x10.5″)

EAT EAT EAT Parts 1 & 2 – Get em in Seattle

I’ve only got 10 issues of EAT EAT EAT (formerly known as “Another Matter of Life and Death) pts. 1 & 2, five of which will be on sale at White Elephant on first Thursday, the other 5 tentatively available at an event later in December. Check the SHORT RUN table staffed by the lovely Jenny Gialenes and Eroyn Franklin. Reprints available for order online in about a month, Part 3 coming out a lil’ after that!

There are also (I’m pretty sure) issues available at the Fantagraphics Bookstore in Georgetown, Seattle!!! Go there and see an original drawing by moi until December 7!


Tomorrow is the very first Short Run Small Press Fest.

I’ll have two BRAND NEW COMIX for sale:

(click image to view at absurdly large size. Yes, I’m driving, texting, sexting and photographing my comics all a the same time.)

Yes, that’s right, I re-titled Another Matter of Life and Death to EAT EAT EAT after all sorts of confusion regarding this comic. I’m releasing it in 4 parts, parts 1 & 2 available tomorrow and on this site in a few weeks. Part 2 has lots and lots and lots of new panels that do not yet appear on this site, so you’d better fucking buy it so you don’t miss that shit!

Here’s the deets for the festival, (IT’S TOMORROW.)

November 12, 2011
10:30–4:30 at The Vera Project
Seattle, WA
Free to the public!


THEN AFTERWARD (THAT NIGHT!) I’m in a show at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery with a brand new drawing that I’ll post later but you’ll have to go to the show to see. Here’s the deets for that:

Art Show & After Party 6-9 PM at the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery [ 1201 South Vale Street ]

To whet your appetite for new drawings, here’s a drawing that sold at auction last month:

(Click the picture to view at a size that’s probably too big.)

This print will be for sale at Short Run.

Oh and here’s something fun, my friends who organize this festival were on the very popular comix radio show Inkstuds! And they may or may not have given me a shout out woop woop!

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