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I’m busy / dumb enough that I neglected to mention the Kickstarter I made for publishing Dennis P. Eichhorn’s Real Good Stuff. It’s already hit its funding goal, but the Kickstarter’s still the best deal to get the books and any additional funding will help me with distribution and publicity. This is the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on, and I’m very excited to see Dennis get some new ink.

You can get both comic books SHIPPED for a measly $12, so please donate if you can. (click here)

The Kickstarter ends July 26, 2013. These books will include all new stories by Dennis Eichhorn, drawn by Jim Blanchard, Max Clotfelter, Mary Fleener, Sean Hurley, Aaron Lange, Pat Moriarity, Tom Van Deusen, and Noah Van Sciver.

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