A New Seattle Comix Newspaper

My friends and I are publishing a comix newspaper. We’re having a release party next week, the first place you can get it (Price: $0). I’ll also have a boatload of comix, prints and original art for sale. Here are the deets:

Mark your calendars. The official release of Seattle’s newest comic newspaper INTRUDER is happening March 29th 6-9pm. The release will be held at the Ballard CoCA gallery along with an elaborate and large exhibit of original artwork form the paper and many other pieces from the 11 contributors.
There will be free beer wine and snacks.

If anyone wants to ensure they get one of the 1200 copies that will be available you should SUBSCRIBE! $10 into the swellzombie@hotmail.com paypal account will guarantee you receive one in the mail whenever it comes out.

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