More Stuff

Still staying absurdly busy. Currently working on illustrating Dennis Eichhorn’s story “The Hate Man Cometh” for the upcoming Real Good Stuff collection.

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And oh no, how did I forget to mention!? Scorched Earth part 6 is free to read in the latest Intruder, free with any order from Poochie Press

Cover by the great Jason T. Miles

Real Stuff and Other Stuff

So our Kickstarter was an enormous success and the book is on course to be printed in November. More details soon…

And here’s an illustration I did of the 49 bus driver for an interview in the upcoming issue of Divorce Lawyer’s Almanac.

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I’m also going to have a brand new Herman and Lucy strip in the Short Run anthology. Here’s a panel from that to give you an idea what the strip’s about…

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