Poochie Press!

Hey guys, I’m super duper excited to announce Poochie Press Publications, my very own imprint!


So far, we have awesome T-shirts printed by Sardine Can Press and buttons made by my pal Alexa Koenings! And lookie lookie my first comic bookie!

Click the image to buy it!

On sale now! 24 pages of absolute nihilist mayhem. Extremely proud of the book and excited about upcoming projects later this year. It’s on sale NOW! So go buy it!

I got rid of the “store” section, all zines / comics will now be sold under the Poochie Press imprint.

Also – wow – Intruder #6 is printed and ready to go!

click to see kaz’s insane cover

And that little guy at the bottom there? Saying “fuck yeah”? That’s me! We’re having our release party TONIGHT (5/3). Here’s a poster with the details on that…

112 N 36th St, Seattle, Washington 98107
There you can buy the new book and t-shirt without paying shipping costs! And pick up the new Intruder which has Scorched Earth #5 in it! There’s also going to be an exclusive print of that beautiful cover drawn by Kazimir Strzepek! So yeah…  see ya there tonight!!!
And friends in NYC can see the new Intruder and Scorched Earth at Mellow Pages Library
Thanks to my lovely ladyfriend for dropping them off! And if it’s still there, Desert Island Comics has exactly one copy of Scorched Earth and a few Intruders to give out. More on their way!

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