A lil update

I’m working on Scorched Earth 4 for Intruder #5:

(click for full-size)

Should be interesting! Also, if you’re in Buffalo, I have a few comics and stuff in the newest issue of Artvoice which dropped TODAY! Pick it up, it’s free!

Look at that, they even put me on the cover! Thanks Artvoice!!!

Also, if you’re in Albuquerque NM, I’m in an art show with my old college pal Michael Beitz! Here’s a link to the Facebook invite:


I won’t be there but Michael will! I sent 25 pages of comix and drawings, so this is the biggest show of my art I’ve ever done! It’s Friday, Febraury 1 at 6:00 PM at the Small Engine Gallery. Michael will be giving a lecture about his incredible artwork on January 30th, here’s the link for that: https://www.facebook.com/events/502921229758116/

I mean, look at this dude’s work!

And to make sure that you’ll get the next Intruder when it comes out, please paypal Marc at swellzombie@gmail.com $12, you’ll get a full year’s worth!!!

Show at Cairo in Seattle

I forgot to post about this last week in a bustle of activity, but the Intruder gang have a bunch of artwork up at Cairo in Seattle. Here’s a poster by Marc Palm:

And a painting of my girlfriend’s cat that is currently on display:

(click to enlarge)

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