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I haven’t updated this site in eons. I have been trying to keep people abreast of my work at my tumblr,

I’ll have a new, real new website soon.

The end of Scorched Earth and show at Fantagraphics

Hey gals and guys,

This SATURDAY we’re having a show at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery for the release of our TENTH (!!!) issue of Intruder. I’ve done a comic on the back for the last year and a half called Scorched Earth, which is finally coming to an end on its 9th chapter. Also, I’ve been working a lot in my sketchbook…

(click for full-size)

I’m working on some new projects, so stay tuned. I’m much better about updating my Tumblr so keep an eye on that.

Short Run Short Run Short Run!

Hey, look what’s back from the printer!

The Poochie Press web store will begin carrying it on Monday. Kickstarter rewards will go out soon after.

Max Clotfelter, Dennis Eichhorn and the pallete of books

Dennis and I will be tabling this Saturday, November 30 at Short Run!!!

(poster by my friend and fellow Intruder Darin Shuler)

(we’re table 17,  here’s the layout)

This is my favorite festival of the year, and I’ll also have PLENTY of  copies of Intruder #7 and #8 to give out.  Oh by the way, did I mention Intruder #8, which features my Scorched Earth pt. 7 on the back?

(cover by my budsy Ben Horak)

This year, my friend Max Clotfelter edited the official Short Run comix anthology, ON YOUR MARKS!

(click to see full size artwork by the inimitable Chris Cilla and BUY)

I have a brand new dog comic in that one, for fans of Dog Walk Dog. You can buy it online or at the festival, which, did I mention, THIS SATURDAY?!

ALSO! My hiatus on Study Group is over and I have begun serializing part 3 of Eat Eat Eat!

(so click!)

Updates are every Monday.

See you Saturday at Short Run!

More Stuff

Still staying absurdly busy. Currently working on illustrating Dennis Eichhorn’s story “The Hate Man Cometh” for the upcoming Real Good Stuff collection.

(click for full-size)

And oh no, how did I forget to mention!? Scorched Earth part 6 is free to read in the latest Intruder, free with any order from Poochie Press

Cover by the great Jason T. Miles

Real Stuff and Other Stuff

So our Kickstarter was an enormous success and the book is on course to be printed in November. More details soon…

And here’s an illustration I did of the 49 bus driver for an interview in the upcoming issue of Divorce Lawyer’s Almanac.

(click for full-size)

I’m also going to have a brand new Herman and Lucy strip in the Short Run anthology. Here’s a panel from that to give you an idea what the strip’s about…

(click for full-size)


Hey guys,
I’m busy / dumb enough that I neglected to mention the Kickstarter I made for publishing Dennis P. Eichhorn’s Real Good Stuff. It’s already hit its funding goal, but the Kickstarter’s still the best deal to get the books and any additional funding will help me with distribution and publicity. This is the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on, and I’m very excited to see Dennis get some new ink.

You can get both comic books SHIPPED for a measly $12, so please donate if you can. (click here)

The Kickstarter ends July 26, 2013. These books will include all new stories by Dennis Eichhorn, drawn by Jim Blanchard, Max Clotfelter, Mary Fleener, Sean Hurley, Aaron Lange, Pat Moriarity, Tom Van Deusen, and Noah Van Sciver.

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