dennis p. eichhorn's real good stuff # 1 & 2

written by dennis p. eichhorn
illustrated by michael arnold, jim blanchard, max clotfelter, mary fleener, ben horak, sean hurley, aaron lange, pat moriarity, tom van deusen, and noah van sciver

Dennis P. Eichhorn is back with his first collection of all-new comic stories in over 20 years, illustrated by veteran Real Stuff artists and new talents as well. This special double issue – with two issues printed tête-bêche at a large, magazine size – is filled to the brim with sex, drugs and debauchery, all culled from Eichhorn's colorful life.

"…shit the bed, I sort of feel like I need to physically pass [Real Stuff] around to all of my friends until they're all on my wavelength. To quote The Big Lebowski, "I won't say 'a hero,' 'cause what's a hero?" –but Denny Eichhorn is a goddamn inspiration."
– Sean T. Collins, Attentiondeficitdisorderly link

"The conventional wisdom about Denny Eichhorn's autobiographical series is that it succeeded where some other have only antagonized because Eichhorn lived a life worth documenting. There's something to that: in just this issue alone [Real Stuff #1] we see a trip to jail, a sexual encounter or two, some drugs, and an encounter with a mass murderer. But there are plenty of people with crazy lives that don't make for good art. What really stands out reading Real Stuff … is how many quality artists Eichhorn put to work"
– Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter link

66 b&w pages
isbn: 978-0-9793959-2-5
full color cover

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